Yesterday, I announced the exciting but incredibly scary big news that I am crowdfunding my next picture book via Kickstarter.

In this short video, I discuss one of the benefits I discovered to crowdfunding a project, which is retaining more creative control over the outcome. I will let the video speak for itself because I will discuss why I believe this is a groundbreaking experiment in publishing tomorrow on the blog in Part III of this series — Experimenting in with New Publishing Models and Teaching (fellow writers). I hope you enjoy this installment! 🙂

Don’t forget to follow along with the rest of the posts in this series!

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Tuesday: Why Crowdfunding Part II: Creative Control (This Post!)

Wednesday, Why Crowdfunding Part III: Experiment with New Publishing Models, Teach and Share with Fellow Writers

Thursday, Why Crowdfunding Part IV: Timing

Friday, Why Crowdfunding Part V: Demonstrating Demand PRIOR TO Publication

Have questions? Leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. Hope you’ll join me for this crazy adventure!

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  1. I’ve looked at other book projects that have successfully crowd funded… (I’ve been collecting them on a Pinterest )In my opinion, I think this project, if you can get it in front of enough eyes, has real potential to be a crowd funded success.

    Have you thought about which crowd funding platform you’ll be using? Kickstarter has more people (and more potential to raise money if you get enough exposure) but you have to reach your funding goal in order to get any funding. IndieGoGo isn’t as popular BUT any funds you raise you get regardless if you reach your goal.

    I’m excited to see how this turns out for you.

    • Wow Angie – your Pinterest board is so helpful!! Thank you for sharing it!!

      I have indeed decided to use Kickstarter for various reasons. One of them IS because it is all or nothing funding. I can only commit to publishing the book if I can cover the expenses, as I don’t have the out-of-pocket means to pick up the rest. So an IndieGoGo partial funding wouldn’t help me.

  2. Loving this series, Julie! Very interesting and thought-provoking! (And your new book looks like it’s going to be beautiful!) So looking forward to Part 3 and beyond – I should have waited to watch the first 2 until the whole week’s videos were posted 🙂

  3. You’re ready to begin then. It’s exciting Julie. I’m following you all the way on this. I’m on CBI too. Have been for a few years. Everyone over there will love learning about this too. Publishing is changing. We have to change with it.

    • Yes publishing is changing. Crowdfunding is just ONE of the new ways to publish, but I do think it is going to become even more viable and popular as time goes on.

  4. This is going to be quite a journey. I’m excited for you! Like the illustrator you’ve selected. How do you raise the funds — can’t wait to hear.

  5. I agree with Robyn…although it is scary…but I’m grateful you are leading the way AND showing us step-by-step, how you are doing it! Thanks, Julie!

  6. Julie, I have no doubt that you’ll have great success with your Crowdfunding campaign. I’ve given small donations to several Crowdfunding projects and enjoyed reading about the progress of each. I can’t say that I’ve seriously considered this for myself, but I’m ready to learn from you and your experience. Good luck!

  7. It’ll be a great success, Julie, and we’ll all be here to cheer you on at each step! Looking forward to the other posts in this series 🙂

  8. Wow! This is all very interesting. I like learning about this!

    • Erik, you are a young pioneer already, so I imagine this avenue to publishing would definitely work for you in the future! You’ve already built up quite a following AND published your first book!

  9. Julie, I just THOUGHT I had some idea, at least a hint, about how publishing is changing, but this is a powerfully unique approach. Your team looks awesome. I can’t wait to learn what you all learn.

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