I am very late to the promotion game with this one, but just in case you are a children’s book writer and you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months and weren’t aware that WriteOnCon starts today, now is your chance to get on over there and register.  Three full days of online sessions led by bestselling authors, top agents and editors.  Topics range from perfecting the craft, how to write a query, seeking an agent, and marketing and promotion.  And MORE!  There are sessions on picture books, middle grade and YA and critique forums for each.  All of this is provided by the lovely organizers for the incredible cost of — FREE!

Finally, if you enjoy the conference, consider making a donation to WriteOnCon of any amount so they can continue to bring us this unsurpassed opportunity to learn, grow, and make amazing contacts.  Even $5 makes a big difference.  You can go here to donate.

As for me, now you know why my blog will be silent for the next three days…

P.S. Many of the agents participating in WoC also accept work for the adult market, so I would encourage all writers to check it out even if you don’t write for the children’s market.

So, are you going to be there?  Let me know so I can look you up!

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  1. Enjoy the conference, Julie.

    Clarbojohn is planning to attend.

  2. Yep–I’ve been there a lot this week, and I’m going back now!


  3. Yep- I’m attending and love your “Peas” story, Thanks for the plug and making it easy to donate. I didn’t think to do that but did comment about the con in my post and other comments.

    Are they going to have the content up on their site for awhile?

    • Thanks for your feedback on Peas on Earth. It’s near and dear to my heart.

      Yes, they will keep the material up for a long time – maybe even forever. They still have ALL of the content from last year on the site, so if you missed it, you can even go back through all of those.

      Thanks for the cooment!

  4. Yay WriteOnCon! I wasn’t able to attend the summer SCBWI conference, so I’m soaking up all the info.


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