Here in the U.S. it’s Labor Day. The unofficial last day of summer.

So have you got the end-of-summer blues? Are you looking to plan a trip on the horizon to get you through the long winter doldrums? Well, look no further (if you are a woman), because here is Writer’s Renaissance, taking place in none other than Florence, Italy April 7-13, 2013!

Watch this tantalizing video to learn all about Writer’s Renaissance – the phenomenal Program, the talented Faculty, the stunning Hotel.

Running this retreat is the fulfillment of a dream for me.

Attending the retreat will be the fulfillment of a dream for you.

Register soon! Space is very limited and a few are already gone.

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  1. Wish this was in the cards for me for 2013…but unfortunately, not. 🙁 I haven’t been to Europe yet…but my son and daughter-in-law want to take me next year…so my pennies will have to be saved for that. If you have another retreat in 2014, perhaps I’ll be able to hop aboard that one.:) This sound absolutely fabulous, Julie…you’ve put together something VERY special!

  2. Because we already have something planned for 2013 in a trip overseas, I can’t make this, though I so would love to be there. Maybe I will join Vivian and see you in 2014, fingers crossed.

  3. I finally got all caught up on my Katie Davis podcasts. Kudos to you for getting Katie on your faculty and for getting so many sign ups!

  4. Cool! I wish I could go to Italy!

  5. I so WISH I could do this! Sounds heavenly! I loved Florence!

  6. Certain things must align in the universe for me to join you in this holy-cow-waaay-cool renaissance. I’m working on that, but curious about how difficult mealtimes will be for me as a vegetarian (no to meat, fish, poultry, but yes to cheese and dairy). I can manage the meals I have on my own; I’m mostly concerned with those included in the retreat price.

    • Carol, vegetarian (especially if you eat cheese and dairy) should absolutely not be a problem. As long as I know in advance, I can make certain there are delicious options for you at each meal.

      Question: what about eggs?

  7. I hope you have the most amazing renaissance retreat!

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